Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Info on 2018 Council of Councils

Vintage Chevy Van Club has their website and facebook page ready for the 2018 Council of Councils.

Please note, you can't reserve your hotel room until March 1st!  --  calling sooner you won't get the group rate!

Monday, February 13, 2017

What a great CofC this year hosted by Neon Vanners ! Well organized and a nice venue, the tours to Count's places were great as well. Other then their restriction on videoing they were quite accommodating, Danny posed for pictures with many of us. They did a video and posted a link to it on their facebook page on Feb 3rd so you can still see who's vans were on display. (I might have gotten a few pictures as well)

As Dave posted we are going to New Orleans, sorry Wisconsin Van Councils...we hope the bidding continues. The Mexico idea made it a very close vote.

We just learned that VCVC has announced that the hotel is going to start taking reservations after Mardi Gras or March 1st.
For all the latest info please check their site that is linked to councilofcouncils.com


From their website:

Voodoo on the Bayou 2: Romp in the Swamp!

by voodoocity
The Vintage Chevy Van Council is excited to be your host for the 2018 Council of Councils. Hotel reservations will not begin until after Mardi Gras.  
Please check back here for more information after March 1, 2017.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2017 Council of Councils, the quick review....

So... Council of Councils has come and gone for another year.

This year was hosted by Neon Vanners in Fabulous Las Vegas!

there was a great turn out for the week.

Wednesday night we had a group cruise to Count's Vamp'd bar where we had a small van show and were joined by John Zito and the Count himself, both arrived in their amazing Dodge vans.
This was organized by Matt at Rolling Heavy, I hope everyone buys him a beer and orders his magazine!

they proceeded to play to a packed house (almost entirely vanners) and put on a hell of a show.

Neon Vanners put together another cruise on Friday to Count's Customs, which included another small van show. I tried to do a quick live broadcast but they freaked out about me recording video (in the parking lot, of the vans WE brought) so I had to stop.

The Saturday meeting was short and sweet (thankfully)

the minutes for that will be posted on here soon.

unfortunately, I was unable to do my broadcast this year due to connectivity issues at the hotel.

the big news is that CofC will be returning to New Orleans in 2018!

Vintage Chevy Van Council will be hosting it again, and info will be posted as soon as they get everything finalized and their website ready (couple of weeks) 
As always, a big thanks to Wisconsin for putting in a bid, I think they have the longest running consecutive losing bid streak for hosting a CofC.

unfortunately, due to mardi gras and hotel availability, it's the same weekend as Vanatic's Groundhog party, so some of you will have to choose... my suggestion is, if you're not a rep, and don't have to attend CofC, go support vanatics.

there has been no announcement on the 2018 nats, we have a couple of good bids, but have some details to work out, so in the meantime, let's concern ourselves with the 2017 Van Nationals in Ohio 

Also... Joe is now accepting Memberships for the  vanning museum everyone that gets a membership between now and april 2018 gets a "charter membership"

with a special patch!