Wednesday, October 16, 2019

2020 CofC is coming.

The 2020 Cofc is coming, it is going to be held in Wisconsin this year.

You can check Councilofcouncils.Com for more info from the host club (Wisconsin Van Council)

As usual, if you are a council rep, please fill out the registration form using the link below :)

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Still waiting on registrations!

So far the following councils have registered or updated their info:

Florida Van Council
Southern Ohio Van Council
New Jersey Van Council
Texas Van Federation
Wisconsin van council
Heart of America Van Council
new England Van Council, Inc.
Nordic van council
SouthEast Van Council, Inc.
Northern California Van Council
Greater New York Van Council
Missouri Van Council

HOVAC (Don Noone) - I still need correct contact info (typing "same as last year" doesn't work)

All reps need to register with us if they wish to be an active participant in the meeting.
This is separate from the registration on the host site (which is for everyone attending).

If your council is not attending, we ask that you fill out the form so we have your contact info and know that you are still active/interested.