Sunday, February 18, 2024

Are ya ready for a great time!!

Have you started packing yet?
Planning side tours while in Vegas, hope so!

So far we only have 13 Council who have registered to attend this year, this can't be right!! This info is to help the hosts know how many are attending from where.
So far we have:

Cornbelt Van Council
Downstate Illinois Van Council
Florida Van Council
Missouri Van Council
New England Van Council, Inc.
Northern California Van Council
Ontario Federation of VANNERS

PennsylVANia Van Council
Southern Ohio Van Council
Texas Van Federation
VCVC Council

Has someone from your local council registered yet?
This can be done by going here, just click on the link below to reach the online form:

Pre registration form

It is only 5 more slips till the fun officially begins, let's get ready to Roll!

Sunday, November 12, 2023

The search is over...for 2024 hosts !!

 A very pleasant surprise came to us a couple of weeks ago, although it is definitely long after the 2023 meeting in Ohio. It came at the point in time where we were seriously looking at having to cancel CofC for 2024 due to a lack of bids from councils willing to host a CofC. 

Fortunately a group have submitted the necessary form and are diligently / feverishly working on the final bits to, again host (Spoiler), a Council of Councils. A little later this week we will update our pages with links to the hotel for booking and all the current info on what will be happening in addition to the main meeting. It is a favourite getaway destination .... so please stay tuned!

ON a related note, we are past the submission date to contact us, again, if you are interested in submitting a bid for 2025 !
This is a recurring situation year after year lately, the feedback is that no one wants to move to a virtual meeting for the main meeting, the core of CofC. Quite frankly everyone enjoys a fun filled winter break with our second family to get you thru to the Spring....but it is getting harder each year to pull together the finances to host this event. I can only speak for up here in Ontario, our best option would be for something in Toronto for easy airport or train access. the few hotels that I approaches sent us quotes that at first glance did not seem workable. 

Overall Guest rooms ranged from $190 CAN to $300, with the exchange around $200 CAN getting $150US, that could get pricey fast. The hit came when they quoted prices for the required meeting spaces on a rolling scale where IF we had $15,000 or less in food and beverage sales they would discount the charge down to $9,000. (IF everyone was REALLY hungry and thirsty (hmm) and we hit $25,000 then the rooms would be complimentary! Another property stated if we spent $22,000 then the meeting rooms would be $12,000. If you notice the hotels now disregard, up here at least, the number of room nights booked for guest rooms. 

I personally could not commit to all of those expenses. I know we all want to chat in person but I would like to see a representative for each member council complete a short online survey of what would be acceptable going forward for a host council to try and arrange for the main meeting. Nothing extensive, more along the lines of what Vanners feel is affordable and doable for a winter get away. I was personally shocked at how much has changed in recent years and wonder if these numbers are the new norm!?! (REALLY hope not!)

That is it for tonight, did you guess yet where we are going...send an email to [email protected].


Thursday, February 9, 2023

Looking for a host for 2024

 Just a reminder, if we want to have CofC in 2024, we need someone to host it.

if you are thinking of hosting, please let us know here...

Thursday, December 8, 2022

2023 Rep Registration!

 even though I updated the form a while ago, I just realized the link on this page was still to the 2019 form.


If you are a council, attending or not (hopefully you are!)
We need you to fill out this form...  let us know who you are, you your reps are, how to contact you... your council's official mailing address, etc.

link here -->>

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Hotel information

 Northeast Ohio Van Congress will be your host for the 2023 Council of Councils in Independence Ohio.

It will be February 23-26, 2023 

Holiday Inn Cleveland South-Independence 
6001 Rockside Road, Independence, OH 44131 
Phone: (216)-524-8050 Room rates for single and double rooms is $129.00USD per night, plus tax (currently 17.5%) You can reserve a room using this link - NOVC Council to Council booking link for Holiday Inn Cleveland South - Independence
or you can call them at 216-524-8050, ext. 298, and let them know you are with NOVC/council of councils. The cut-off date for reservations at this price is January 24th, 2023. More information will be posted at as it is available

Friday, August 19, 2022

We have a signed contract!!!

 After a lot of work, we have a host and a signed contract for 2023!

I'm sorry for all the delays, but it is hard to schedule a CofC when nobody wants to host it, thankfully, we have had someone step forward and it's finally happening. 

This will be a joint venture between SOVC and NOVC, and will be held in Independence, Ohio, on February 23-26th 2023.

The host club needs to get a few things in order still, and more information will be forthcoming over the next couple of weeks, please stay tuned for hotel info, etc.