Previous Council events

Historical Comment
1978 Florida Van Council Tallahassee, Florida The first meeting of the Council of Councils.  2 Councils there.
1979 Georgia Van Council Macon, Georgia 4 Councils. Name "Council of Councils" started.
1980 Southern Van Council Birmingham, Alabama
1981 Florida Van Council River Ranch, Florida
1982 NC/SC Van Council Charlotte, North Carolina
1983 Southern Van Council Pumpkin Center, Louisiana
1984 Florida Van Council Kissimmee, Florida
1985 Maryland Van Council Baltimore, Maryland The meeting grew a little bit at this point from the around 6 to 8 Councils attending to ten, showing a sign of things to come. It was also decided to try a mid-year meeting at the National Truck-in. 
1986 Northeast Ohio Van Congress Cleveland, Ohio The Council Of Council's moved north for the first time. It was at this meeting that attendance took a first big jump, to 18 attending Councils.
1987 Southeast Virginia Van Council Virginia Beach, Virginia The attendance swelled to 23 Councils. With this many Councils attending, the informal running of the CofC, caused a lot of confusion. A meeting was called at the Nationals in 1987 to bring the CofC meeting some organization. The result of that meeting saw the formation of the Council Of Councils Board of Directors to oversee the meeting. 
1988 West lake Erie Van Council Detroit, Michigan 24 Councils attended. It was also decided after three years of the mid-year Nationals meeting that the idea was just not workable and would be dropped. 1988 was also the coldest meeting to date.
1989 Florida Van Council Orlando, Florida  Back to being warm.
1990 Southern Van Council Dallas, Texas This was the first year that the CofC Board chaired the meeting.
1991 Wisconsin Van Council Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Council Of Councils went to its furthest north meeting place to that point. 25 Councils attended the meeting, the CofC was still growing.
1992 Northwest Van Council Seattle, Washington The CofC went out west for the first time, even with the large distance to travel 20 Councils made the trip. It was also the last meeting under the old format.
1993 New Jersey Van Council Atlantic City, New Jersey The CofC traveled from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic ocean, ending up completely across the country. This was the first meeting under the new format, one large meeting, open discussion at end. Twenty-nine councils were in attendance.
1994 Heart Of America Van Council Kansas City, Missouri The CofC split the country this year and went to the very middle, 29 Councils attended. The CofC was the recipient of a proclamation by the Missouri House and Senate.
1995 Northeast Ohio Van Congress Columbus, Ohio 30 Councils attended this year.
1996 Florida Van Council Atlantic Beach, Florida Hey, it isn't warm this time! Is this Florida?
1997 Ontario Federation of Vanners Toronto, Ontario The first time the CofC goes outside the boundaries of the U.S. Also first time U.S. and Canadian Van Nationals Best in Show Vans right in the meeting hall !
1998 Southeast Virginia Van  Council Virginia Beach, Virginia 36 Councils attended. 4 Councils from outside North America.
1999 Southern Ohio Van Council Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky A vanners meeting next to a brewery? It worked! 31 Councils attended. 2 new CofC Board members announced.
2000. National Street Van Association Brighton, England Off across the pond to Jolly Old England. 32 Councils made the trip. A week of vanning England style.
2001 Colorado Van Council Colorado Springs, Colorado Big fun in Colorado. A great meeting was held. No snow, but 29 Councils present.
2002 Left Coast Vanners San Jose, California Another first - this time its California. Nice venue, good turnout.
2003 Downstate Illinois Van Council St. Louis, Missouri Great Job! The Holidome was rocking.
2004 Florida Van Council Tampa, Florida 32 Councils, great seminars, and warmth at the outside show-n-shine!
2005 Wisconsin Van Council Green Bay, Wisconsin Way up north "Frozen Alive in 2005". Big fun.
2006 Left Coast Vanners Anaheim, California In sight of Disneyland.
2007 V.O.I.C.E.S. & O.F.V. Grand Island, New York 29 Councils present. On the rivers edge, watching the icebergs float by.
2008 Florida Van Council Cocoa Beach, Florida
2009 Independents, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada (ICAN) Las Vegas, Nevada
2010 Wisconsin Van Council Wisconsin Dells, WI
2011 Left Coast Vanners Buena Park, CA
2012 Florida Van Council St. Petersburg, Florida
2013 New England Van Embassy Mansfield, Mass.
2014 Vintage Chevy Van Council New Orleans, LA.
2015 Colorado Van Council Denver, CO.
2016 Texas Van Federation Dallas/Fort Worth, TX See you there!

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