Rules and Application for Hosting a Council of Councils


  1. Bidding council must be a bona fide council, recognized by the Council of Councils. 
    • To be recognized, the organization must represent at least 3 van clubs, and represent vanners in a defined area. 
    • Or an organization composed of recognized Councils. 
    •  Must have attended at least 2 previous Council of Councils meetings before presenting a bid.

  2. No council may host the meeting more than once every three years.
    • Exception: unless no other council bids for the meeting.

  3. The Council of Councils business meeting will continue to be held in February of each year.

  4. The bid must be filled out using the form below and shall be submitted to the Board no later than September 15th
    • The date, location, and general estimate of cost must be included.

  5. Bids for the next meeting will be reviewed at the CofC Board meeting Thursday night prior to the Saturday CofC meeting.

  6. The final vote on the bids will be at the Business meeting (one vote per council present) with the winner being chosen by simple majority.
    • In the event that there are no bids, the Board will ask for volunteers from the floor, and the next host council will be chosen by simple majority vote.

  7. The board will not usually have a regular vote in deciding the host for the next CofC meeting.
    • Exception: If there is a tie in the vote for the next years Council of Councils meeting host, the CofC Board will make the deciding vote.