Friday, January 20, 2017

the 2017 Council of Councils,

hosted by NEON vanners will be in Fabulous Las Vegas from February 1-5.

check out their webpage at
for more information

these are the councils that I have heard from so far.
deadline was last saturday, the 15th.
  • South East Van Council, Inc.
  • Vintage Chevy Van Council
  • Northern California Van Council
  • Nordic Vancouncil
  • Ontario Federation of VANNERS
  • V.O.I.C.E.S.
  • Texas Van Federation
  • Southern Ohio Van Council
  • Midwest Vans LTD
  • Northwest Van Council
  • Wisconsin Van Council
  • New Jersey Van Council
  • National Street Van Association
  • VW T4 T5 van council uk
  • maryland Van council
  • Southern California Vanners Network
  • National Truck-in Board
  • SouthEast Van Council
  • Pacific Van Council
  • PennsylVANia Van Council, Inc.
  • Florida Van Council, Inc.
  • New England Van Council, Inc.

if your council is attending, or even if it isn't, but you want to make sure we have you listed as an active council, please  fill out this form!

if you are interested in hosting an CofC event, you can learn more here..

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