Friday, January 17, 2020

3 weeks away!

Council of Councils, hosted by Wisconsin Van Council is three weeks away!

If you are a Van Council, attending or not, we ask that you register so we have your council contact info and that we know you are still an active council.

Please register HERE <--click that!

These are the councils I have heard from:
  • Allive
  • Colorado Van Council
  • National Truck-in Board
  • New England Van Council
  • New Jersey Van Council
  • Nordic van council
  • North Chesapeake Bay Vans
  • North West Van Council
  • Northeast Ohio Van Congress
  • Northern California Van Council
  • Pacific Van Council
  • Pennsylvania Van Council
  • Southern Ohio Van Council
  • Texas Van Federation
  • V.O.I.C.E.S.
  • Vanner Coalition
  • Wisconsin Van Council
For More info on the event, check out
or check their Facebook page,

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